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Mike de Lis 

#Composer #Multiinstrumentist  #Producer 


Mike De Lis 

I am a London based award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist performer and music producer, with over 15 years’ experience in the Creative Industries. I am a passionate artist with multiple vocations and an extensive background in music composition and production, sound engineering and live performances. 

Currently, I combine my work as a music composer and sound designer for live art, film and theatre with live performances and I am also involved in music and theatre educational projects for children. I always get deeply involve in every project I participate, I really care about details and restless look for achieving the best emotional frame I want to bring to all my compositions. And I am also passionate about sound, its textures, Its development and its narrative possibilities.  Getting an excellent sound is a personal goal I consistently pursue. 

Music is always in my mind. I am always up to find exciting and challenging projects to get it out!

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